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Thai Phuket is a luxury Thai restaurant in Geneva that serves the most authentic and gourmet Thai delicacies. They are passionate to serve the best in class Thai cuisine which has the perfect blend of authentic flavors, textures, and ingredients. It’s their mission to strike a flawless balance of modern and traditional styles of preparation to provide an out of the world experience to their patrons that will be worth cherishing. Thai Phuket aims to offer its unmatched services to a larger market and reach a wider range of audiences.



While Thai Phuket served the finest of authentic Thai cuisine, this luxurious restaurant lacked a web presence that could create awareness among the people. They required an intuitive and eye-catching website that could enhance their online presence and showcase the wide selection of dishes they offered. The website needed to be in line with the theme of their business. Moreover, an optimized reach on the search engines was required to enhance its brand value and promote its operations among locations.


The Web and SEO teams at Seahawk media worked closely with the client to brainstorm different ideas and strategies. After thorough discussions, we curated a detailed plan to create a vibrant and intuitive WordPress website that could reflect their theme perfectly. We also designed a functionality within the site so that the customers could book a table online. With effective SEO initiatives we uplifted the outlet’s search ranking and increased brand awareness.


The results were outstanding as we built a user-friendly and intuitive website that perfectly highlighted the theme and values of the restaurant and increased awareness of their brand. With high-quality content and exceptional SEO initiatives, we were successful in establishing their online presence that will continue to grow. The site displays the restaurant’s menu beautifully and helps to expand its reach to a much wider market.

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