PRX Labs

PRX Labs is a leading online directory for cannabis laboratory testing services across the USA. Committed to quality and safety, PRX Labs partners with the highest qualified cannabis testing that are accredited and licensed and the ones which will give you the most authentic results.



PRX Labs is a premier brand in the field of cannabis testing; however, it lacked an adequate online presence. It wanted to enhance its branding and social media presence to increase brand awareness and optimize its search rankings.


Seahawk Media worked on PRX Labs’ web presence to design an intuitive website that engaged potential customers and build a great social media presence too to increase popularity.

  • We build a great WordPress website to reflect the brand’s goals. Our aim was to design the website with minimalism and keeping a corporate vibe.
  • We worked on site’s rankings on search engines through implementation of quality content like blogs and setting up of webmaster and analytics.
  • We worked on the brand’s social media presence with interactive posts, social media marketing to derive more exposure to the brand and its key offering.


Social media marketing activities and various growth hacking initiatives on social media and search engines led to an increased number of followers and contributed to better brand awareness for PRX Labs. Made on WordPress, the website was built quickly and intuitively keeping the professional theme in the design and development process.