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Prefloor Tools is an e-commerce and online store that offers a multitude of flooring tools, accessories, toolkits, replacement parts, moldings, equipment, supplies, and wall base.


Problem-Being a family-owned flooring supply company, the website has a plethora of products listed on it along with various service-based offerings for home improvement. Having a Magento website, there were issues with proper product display, errors and other issues on the website. Also, in the absence of an SEO strategy, there were issues with user experience and no rankings for the brand.

Solution-Seahawk Media brainstormed with the client to devise a proper plan and a systematic strategy to improve their website, user experience as well as search engine rankings.

  • Based on discussions, we moved the client’s site from Magento to WordPress to enhance its performance and user experience.
  • We conducted and implemented extensive SEO initiatives on the product and category pages to increase the site’s visibility and exposure on search engines.

Results-We created a stellar WordPress website for the client that not functions smoothly but also displays its entire product range properly. With SEO initiatives, we improved the rankings for the client and enhanced performance.

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