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Legacy Transitions


Legacy Transitions is a premier organization offering retirement transition services led by Mr Robert Foley, a certified professional retirement and C level executive coach. Having worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the country, Legacy Transitions offers targetted retirement coaching and individualized program constructed for each executive.

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Problem – Mr Robert Foley is a trusted and sought after Coach who has interacted with numerous Executives about their Retirement. With a specialized service offering, Legacy Transitions lacked an effective SEO strategy and social media presence which was needed for building brand awareness and engagement.

Solution – Seahawk Media devised an intensive SEO strategy and social media marketing initiatives to highlight the client’s exclusive service offering and to build brand awareness. Seahawk also proposed a custom UI/UX mockup using PSD which was used for high-quality WordPress web design.

  • We initiated numerous Search Engine Optimization efforts to popularize the brand across search engines and influence engagement.
  • With consistent social media marketing initiatives, we build awareness for the brand and increased follower engagement to popularize the business.

Results – Social media marketing activities and various growth hacking initiatives on social media and search engines led to an increased number of followers and contributed to better brand awareness.

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