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IHOP is a decades old house of delectable breakfasts and delicious meals. They serve world-famous pancakes along with a variety of dinner and lunch meals that are laced with love and warmth!

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With an exhaustive and great looking menu as well as an established international presence, IHOP wanted to enhance digital presence in India and to popularize its brand and increase the awareness along with managing its online reputation.


Seahawk worked with the client to design a strategy that not only increased their brand awareness but also contributed to enhancing the brand’s web presence.

  • We developed and designed the IHOP website to include their delectable menu items and illustrating them appropriately.
  • Designing of packaging was done keeping in mind the brand value and image.
  • We worked on IHOP’s social media presence and online reputation management by increasing awareness and engagement on restaurant search services.


  • We took a proactive approach for enhancing IHOP brand’s online reputation and engagement to popularize the brand.
  • We connected with the brand’s vision and used our skill set to pull up IHOP’s brand positioning and popularize it.

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