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Hapdel is a new entrant in the burgeoning market of online grocery providers and is already making waves in the city of Patna, where it has been launched at its nascent stage. Offering essential services, daily groceries, and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, Hapdel has partnered with several local service providers and traders to procure the orders and conducts its operations with the help of state-of-the-art technology and logistics. With time, the company aims to expand its network across India with the help of its skilled and experienced professional business partners and in-house team.



Hapdel already had the mobile application and required an adequate web presence to popularize the brand name and attract buyer traffic across search engines with the help of good quality and keyword-rich content. The basic purpose of the website was to share the details of the products listed on the app with the aim of sprinting in the Patna market and being the best of its kind. They also required streamlined social media strategy and advertising campaigns to popularize the app, encourage downloads, and promote the services offered online.


Seahawk brainstormed with the client to understand the core requirements and strategy to move forward with the brand’s mission and scope. Our team worked closely with the client’s development team to develop and integrate new WordPress website with the app. Putting up social media posts, running ad campaigns and carrying out SEO initiatives popularized the app immensely and resulted in increased traffic on the site.

  • We started off by developing an intuitive WordPress website and integrating it with the mobile app to promote the services.
  • While the coronavirus pandemic led to countrywide lockdown and halting of many essential services, Hapdel continued its operations in the city of Patna complying with all government precautions and protocols, thereby building goodwill.
  • Through creative branding and social media initiatives, we made sure that the client gained a firm footing across social media platforms.
  • We also ran ads on the website and enabled in getting around 90% of the app downloads via PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. This helped in getting over 18,000 app downloads in a span of 40 days.
  • Keyword rich and authentic content implementation on the site in the form of informative and educational blog posts helped in increasing search engine rankings and traffic.


The results of the combined initiatives of social strategizing, advertising campaigns, SEO initiatives and web development made the site and app launch a smashing success. The order volume has increased amazingly and business has experienced a major boom since launch. The website is informative, intuitive and displays clear instructions regarding app usage.

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