Ecotone was founded in 2010 under the vision of Craig Desmond. Quite early in life, Craig discovered his love for carpentry and woodwork while working in a cabinet shop. Now, he utilizes this exceptional craft to meet the infrastructural needs of the community with a team of excellent craftsmen who share his passion.

Ecotone is today both a wellness brand and a central peg in community-building efforts in NYC, operating in line with Craig’s vision of sustainable development and community wellness. It specializes in private and commercial wellness projects in spas and gardens while collaborating with experts in the field of architecture, engineering, and development to reinforce different wellness initiatives. With a team of remarkable designers, draftsmen, and trade professionals, Ecotone has successfully built a network of clientele who supports it in fulfilling its mission.



Despite a spectacular vision and value system, Ecotone lacked an effective web presence that could highlight its brilliant work in community building and create awareness in the market. They needed an intuitive website that could match industry standards while displaying the theme of the organization. Moreover, an online platform was required to present a wide range of spa and sauna amenities that they offered.


After thorough discussion and brainstorming with the client, our Web and SEO teams worked together to create a spectacular and vibrant website that was aligned with the company’s vision and enhanced its web presence beautifully. An online store was also incorporated into the site to showcase its magnificent range of products that facilitated people to bring the luxury spa experience to their daily routine.


The results surpassed our expectations! With a customer-friendly and engaging website, Ecotone was successful in establishing an impactful web presence. Since it was curated according to their brand language, they gained a powerful edge over their competitors and were able to expand their reach further in the industry. With an eye-catching display, the website displayed the product range perfectly along with promoting the vision of community wellness.

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