DC Benefits

DC Benefits Consulting helps companies save their healthcare costs while enhancing their current healthcare benefit plans. With over 3 decades of industry experience and specialized knowledge, they help simplify employee health insurance & benefits for organizations.


Although DC Benefits Consulting is an established brand, its low profile in search engine listings limited its capability in attracting new leads, adequate website traffic and social media presence.

Seahawk Media devised an intensive SEO strategy and social media marketing initiatives to bring forth the USP of the brand and build better awareness through web development.

  • We worked through various SEO initiatives to set up analytics and webmaster to popularize the brand across search engines and visitors.
  • We implemented a 5-star schema rating for the website to help it move up search results.
  • We fixed all broken links and worked on meta tags to make the brand relevant across Google.
  • With social media marketing across channels, we helped in better brand awareness. 


Our intensive SEO efforts helped the brand rank favorably across search engines and led to better customer engagement.