How To Update WordPress PHP Version?

How to Update WordPress PHP Version 01

One definite approach to improve site load speed is to update the PHP version of your website. It also reduces the likelihood of hackers gaining access to your website. Your web hosting firm, on the other hand, maybe running on an older version of PHP. So, in this blog, We’ll show you how to update PHP on WordPress to the latest version.

Why Update the PHP To The Latest Version?

There are three key reasons to update to the most recent version of PHP.

Update the PHP Version of your Website


After clicking Apply button, Bluehost will begin using the PHP version that you choose for your website.



WP Engine: WP Engine automatically updates the PHP version. However, you can also manually update the PHP version.

WordPress and PHP, as well as other popular website resources, receive regular updates to ensure that your site runs well. So make sure to update your PHP version on your website to take advantage of the newest version’s improved performance, security, and other features. For more information, contact seahawk.

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