Seahawk Signs Mateusz Madura To UI Design Team


Are we all aware of the business value of a good design? 

Consider the following scenario. 

Have you ever visited a website and got lost in an abyss of confusing menus and page navigation? Chances are that you will close the window and try another one. This happened because the site didn’t have a strong user interface design. 

At the end of the day, if you are a business dependent on website traffic, you need to ensure that your user interface is up to the mark. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t realize how important this is. 

The role of a UI/UX Designer means different things to different companies, but a few things remain common. They are:

Mateusz Madura is one designer that holds a firm belief in the philosophy that good design has its roots in information architecture and cognitive psychology. An efficient designer understands that content and information across a digital product contribute to a positive user experience. 

Seahawk Media’s CEO, Ryan Hussey came across Mateusz when he met him through the Muffin Group. Mateusz was responsible for designing templates for the most popular selling WordPress theme in the world called BeTheme at that time. 

Impressed by his design skillset, Ryan hired Mateusz at the beginning of 2019 as Seahawk Media’s first-ever professional UI Designer. It was the company’s first hiring in Poland and was one of the best decisions ever made by our CEO. 

Mateusz helped enhance our Design portfolio on Dribble with some outstanding UI design projects, especially for some of Seahawk’s VIP clientele. Being one of the most popular and skilled designers on the Dribble platform, Mateusz has set the standards for what kind of talent we would like to hire for our organization. He is truly one of the brightest designers that we have and continues to put out incredible work!

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