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Jake Geller Joins Seahawk Family

“I am all about execution. Innovation is in my heart, in my bones, and in my blood.” – Jake Geller.

All the members here at Seahawk are a family. We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we have fun, all together. One such member of our family is Jake Geller. He is with us since the beginning, and, till date, he has always worked hard to make the company flourish through his blood, sweat, and dedication.

Jake belongs to a family of serial entrepreneurs. He has been building websites since the age of 8 (surprising, aah!!). He uses his complex problem-solving abilities to consistently create creative business strategies that solve problems for our clients and us. His passion lies in establishing building blocks for new brands, developing minimum viable products, and advising companies by analyzing their brand metrics. Jake’s distinction of being a performance marketer sets him apart from the vast majority of consultants in the market today.

He believes in making the most of his existence on our planet Earth. Jake wants to build businesses, flourish in the digital sector, execute ideas, and hone his artform even more. He works hard to make other people’s dreams come true. His commitment and passion towards different niches have always been instrumental in aligning our services with our customers and the world-class experience we provide. What separates Jake from the rest is his passion for his craft, professionalism in his work, and his perseverance to ensure on-time delivery. 

He is an expert in the field of digital marketing. We love how he relates himself and understands the culture of the brand he is working with. He is super knowledgeable in the newest agile leadership and project management strategies. His expertise in various tools is awe-inspiring.

He continuously impresses us with his ability to manage multiple time-sensitive and complex projects. His level of passion, enthusiasm, self-awareness, and business acumen is remarkable. We are looking forward to accomplishing more together.

By the way, his new puppy (his CCO – Chief Cuddle Officer) — Biggie, is super cute and a big part of a Seahawk family too! ❤️

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