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Creation Of Simon Seahawk

Creation Of Simon Seahawk

Brand mascots are a common sight at festivals and sporting events. These mascots hold great recall and promotional value for a brand. According to the World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology (WASET), brand mascots have an immense and positive impact on customer’s purchasing behavior. There may be instances that we may not remember brand names and their offering, but we do remember the brand mascot clearly! Whether we talk about the Michelin Man, the iconic Mickey Mouse by The Walt Disney Company, or the Indian Amul girl, mascots have known to turn around the game for a brand.

The apparent relevance of a brand mascot and the ensuing benefits led us to look for inspiration and an idea that we could use to create a mascot for our brand and company – Seahawk. We wanted a mascot that resonated with the qualities of being sharp, observant, persistent, and intelligent as a hawk.

We scouted for several talented illustrators to create a mascot that would adequately represent our business ethos and image while adding a warm touch to it. We shortlisted a few talented artists and illustrators to achieve this task and conducted a company-wide poll to choose the one based on their unique styles and portfolio. There were four illustrators in the race – Henrique Athayde, Maria Keller, Hostgator creator Alan Oronoz, and WordPress Wapuus fame Kazuko Kaneuchi, each having their special touch, zany creativity, and artistic experience. The poll was won by designer Maria Keller from Mexico who was chosen for her fun creativity and cheery style. Needless to say, Maria delivered on our vision in the form of this mascot that represents the brand name of Seahawk and was well appreciated by the team.

Seahawk Character Proposals

Every mascot should have a cool and identifiable name, that’s why we conducted another company-wide poll with two options to finalize the new mascot’s name – Sunny and Simon in which the latter won hands down!

Simon – Seahawk Mascot

As an online brand communication agency, we are super psyched and pumped with the creation of Simon Seahawk and are all set to have him represent us not just in our marketing communications and advertising initiatives but also to become the face of our company in the online world!

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