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The Best Instagram Advertising Strategy For Your Brand

Are you planning your digital marketing strategy for 2020? If your answer is yes, then read on to gather some helpful tips and insights about paid advertising on this extremely popular social media platform. Over 1 billion people use Instagram worldwide and it’s not just used for selfies and stories! It is one of the most influential tools for online marketing. The following are the questions you need to answer before you start your Ad campaign.

The first and most important thing is for you to establish an OBJECTIVE. What is your goal?

Instagram considers your objectives and has categorized its platform into 3 categories for Ads: Awareness, Conversion, and Considerations. Choose your goal and then go on to making optimized creatives that are attractive, engaging and eye-catching. You further have a choice between creating static photos, Instagram stories, videos or carousels, and sliders. These decisions should always be based on keeping your ideal customer in mind. For example, carousel ads are great for online shopping and choosing different products because a person can swipe through a variety of products. In the same way, video Ads are great for brand awareness and informative animations. Also, make sure to add an effective call to action.

Once your creatives are done let’s further move on to speak about targeting your audience. There are also several ways to go about this – according to their likes and interests or geographical locations. The more specific you are the better for your campaign. Like if you have an event in your local area make sure you narrow it down to that particular location so people close to your place of business get to engage with your brand.

Now that all the work is done we come to the most crucial point – the BUDGET & the TIMELINE. You need to set your budget and timelines to start your Ads. And lastly, do not forget to analyze them regularly. Testing the live Ads at the start is important to the success as you can update and tweak them according to the reports gathered. Thank you for reading and best of luck for your campaign!


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