5 Checks To Make With Your Client For A Web Design Project

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Creating a good web design takes multiple discussions with your client and going back and forth with them which takes time and effort. The last thing you want is for your client to reject a design that your team has worked relentlessly for just because you failed to understand the basics of what was required. Here’s a quick roundup of everything you need to check with your client before you take on their web design project:

  1. Do they have an existing website?             

If you need to revamp an existing website for a client, find out exactly what needs to be reworked. Getting clarification on what parts of the website need complete editing as opposed to which sections do not need to be retouched at all will definitely help your team work efficiently.

If the client does not have an existing website and would like you to work on one from scratch, ask them about what features they would like to necessarily see in their website. Having this insight into their vision will not only help you figure out a starting point but also decide what goes on in the hero sections of the website.

  1. What’s the budget?

Nasty question, of course. But an important one nevertheless. It’s best to be straightforward with it as knowing their budget would help you skip numerous meetings where you find disagreements in later stages of designing.

  1. What distinguishes you from the competitors?

A web design can stand out easily if you’re sure of what distinguishes the brand from its competitors. This requires a deep-dive into who the client considers being their competitors and what strategies of theirs seem to work. Likewise, you must always dig in to find what the client considers their USPs and what product/service of theirs does not exist in the market. 

  1. What do you want to achieve?

It’s super important to be on the same page about what the ultimate goal of creating a website is. For example, if the client wants to drive sales, the e-commerce features of the website must be seamless, functional, safe, and not a task for the consumer.

5. What’s the POA?

Check the timeline of your client and collaborate with them to figure out a common timeline. This is because this timeline of developing a website needs to be workable for your team as well as agreeable for the client. Finding a middle ground between when the client wants to launch vs when your team can finish the project with good quality is the hack to getting your project running smoothly.

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