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Why WordPress Is Better Than Substack, Medium, And Ghost?

Why WordPress is Better than Substack Medium and Ghost

With a plethora of blogging tools out there, it can be a bit of a task to pick out the best one. While platforms come with their set of pros and cons, WordPress seems to take the cake in most rounds of competition. Let’s break it down for you and tell you why it’s a better alternative than some popular options in the market including popular ones like Substack, Medium, and Ghost:

The biggest advantage that WordPress brings by being an open-source platform with it is customization. Unlike Medium, WordPress offers a variety of eCommerce features that allow you to create an online store with ease and add features like affiliate links to it. So if you’re looking to expand your retail business online, this is a platform that can help with scalability quite easily with ample theme choices to pick from.

But let’s reel back a little.

Aside from having extensions, plugins, and more customizable features, WordPress is an incredibly simple software to use when compared with tools like Medium, Ghost, and Substack. Ghost requires a basic knowledge of JS, SSH (at the very minimum) whereas WordPress comes with easy-to-follow tutorials, a plethora of one-click installs, and an overall system that’s just easy to navigate. All that with access to deep insights and analytics (something that Medium severely lacks in).

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of having a website is the content on it-something that Substack takes control over. Being a third-party website, violating their rules is out of the question as it will lead to suspension of your Substack account. On the other hand, with WordPress, your content is always going to be there making it a sustainable and a controlled option.

From speed to customization to ease, WordPress seems to ace it in most features -no matter the industry of your business. It allows you to grow your community, keep your content intact, and not be at the mercy of other CMS tools.

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