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“Attachment,” which is used when a file is uploaded to WordPress from a page or post edit screen, is one of the phrases that confuse WordPress (see the image below). Because it is being used as a featured picture, the image you see above & the one below is an attachment to this post. Files posted to WordPress via the post edit page are attachments. When you use the Add Media button on the post edit screen to upload a file, it instantly becomes an attachment to that post. Directly uploaded files to the Media Library aren’t always associated with a post or page. Any file that may be submitted utilizing the media upload can be considered an attachment.

The difference between a WordPress Attachment and a WordPress file upload 

When you use the Add Media button from the edit screen of a post or a page, the file you’re uploading becomes an attachment to that post or page. Instead, you can upload a file from your Media Library; it will not be connected with a post or page and will not appear as an attachment in WordPress. In other words, every file you publish from a page or post using the Add Media button, the PixelRockstar Add Stockphoto button (if you already use a plugin), or as a featured picture, becomes an attachment of your post or page immediately.

Adding a picture to a post using the Media Library

To retrieve and add a file, go to the Media Library (audio, image, PDF, video); once it has been uploaded to a post or page, It’s all connected to a single Library file.

At the same time, any file attached to a post or page can be erased from WordPress when the post or page is deleted. The one-of-a-kind file or image can be connected to several posts or pages.

Knowing the definition of an attachment can assist theme developers in setting special functions or criteria for photos that display as attachments on a WordPress page or post.

Attachments and Google are causing SEO problems.

WordPress automatically produces an attachment page for each attachment you use on a page or post.

This can be beneficial for those with graphic websites, but if your photographs are mainly used to explain or supplement your text, attachment pages may not be necessary. An attachment page can sometimes rank higher than the original content, with the “actual” content piece ranking second in Google (as it did for me). If your image is solely used to support the text of your post, you should disable or redirect the attachment pages to the original material or create a canonical one. If you utilize the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, you can take care of this right in the plugin.

Theme developers may use the attachment functionality to change the appearance of posts with attachments by utilizing template tags and conditional theme tags. Post Image is a famous example of developers utilizing attachments in combination with posts.

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