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What is Absolute Path in WordPress 1

An absolute path is just the URL of a folder or file on a computer; it’s also known as a file path or a complete path. It includes both the root directory and all subdirectories. The directories and subdirectories mentioned in the path are split by a forward slash(/) which contains a file or a directory.

For most operating systems, paths are used to represent file and directory links. They’re also necessary for the internet’s functionality and the creation of URLs.

The absolute path for the system begins with a drive letter, just as the absolute route for the computer begins with a drive letter. Likewise, the website, it begins with the file’s root directory.

The absolute path of this post, for example, is:


This post may only be viewed/read by visiting the post’s precise URL, hence the absolute path.

Regardless matter where it was written, this absolute path will lead you to this post. Every single file, post, or the page has a unique absolute path.

Finding Absolute Path For Your WordPress Root Directory

While working with WordPress, you might sometimes want to know the absolute path of your WordPress root folder. So, here’s the way to do it quickly.

Step 1: Create a file called absolutepath.php and add the following code.


$p = getcwd();

echo $p;


Step 2: Upload this file to your WordPress folder.

The WordPress folder will be either a public_html or httpdocs. To get the information you’re looking for, go to http://yoursite.com/absolutepath.php.

The absolute path to your root directory is now available. Once you’ve finished with the file, make sure to delete it.

Best Practices for Absolute Path in WordPress

Always use the short version of the Absolute path when linking to a page on the website. Because you’ve alerted the server that the provided link is on the same site, this speeds up page loading.

Another reason to stop using the full version of the Absolute route is that the hyperlinks will not fail if your site’s domain name changes. However, this is because, with the complete version of the Absolute route, your old domain is not hardcoded into the links.


We hope you have found a clear understanding of what is the absolute path in general and how it is used in WordPress. Do not forget to reach out in case of further queries.

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