Above the Fold

The material a visitor views without scrolling down is referred to as “above-the-fold” on a website. The valuable real estate attracts the site visitor’s interest as it’s the first element they see, so it should entice the reader immediately. Your website’s hook is above-the-fold material; like any excellent music, it should have your customer’s head turn. Even though the notion of the fold predates the existence of websites, it remains a helpful benchmark for online marketing.

Heads Up: According to Google research, the viewability of ads drops off if they appear below the fold. 

Above-The-Fold Best Practices

One strategy to keep your users interested is employing simple webpage designs. If you’re new to website design or think yours might need a boost, follow these simple rules to stay on track and keep things engaging and simple.

The H1 and tagline on your homepage should be clear, appealing, and straightforward.

Users must understand your header content and understand the problem you’re going to tackle. Your objective is to provide value to the customer, and what better way to do that than with a significant, bold statement on your landing page?

Once you’ve delivered your power statement, create an explanation to demonstrate to clients they’ve come to the proper spot. Above-the-fold material should be consistent with your brand language, feature a call to action, and include headlines and copy that please the audience. Stick to a brief sentence highlighting how your product is their answer, and maintain consistency and professionalism.

If you’re stuck or can’t think of the correct words, you should look into these pointers for writing a clear, appealing, and concise brand message.

CTA: Clearly state what you would like the user to accomplish.

Your website’s call to action (CTA) should be prominently displayed in the upper right corner of the menu, making it easy to locate and inform clients about how to purchase your goods right away. This should be a clickable button or link that encourages users to take action. Use a one- or two-sentence statement in the headline to present your brand as a guide who will take clients to a solution. Your call to action must be direct, inspiring, and one-of-a-kind.

Less is more regarding navigation, and 5-7 is the absolute maximum.

Engaging your material should be simple and not cramming too much data. Consider the user experience and enjoy your favorite websites. Less is more when it concerns navigation. Your website’s design should direct visitors to the exact location. When too many alternatives can lead to mental fatigue.

Maintain visibility of your navigation, and make sure the menu bar drives visitors to crucial pages on your website, such as the product or service you’re selling, the about page, and a contact page with a phone number or email address. Limit your navigation bar to 5-7 items as a matter of thumb.


Most web designers concentrate on making a website look amazing, but you won’t see significant development if it isn’t attracting more visitors. With the most compelling item on top, moving your content above the fold can help visitors stay longer, subscribe, and buy. Above the Fold is an important concept, so head to Seahawk Media to learn more about it.

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