Using Archetypes To Define Your Brand

Using Archetypes to Define Your Brand 01

Brand archetypes humanize brands, give them real personalities and create a strong identity. They thus endorse human characteristics such as empathy, charisma, courage, which make an emotional connection with their clients.

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to one brand over another? Do you believe that when you make purchases, they are due to your sanity? Contrary to what you might think, the interaction between a brand and its consumers has nothing to do with logic. The Zaltman professor of dire Harvard University showed that 95% of our purchasing decisions are made from our subconscious.

Thus, brands that connect emotionally with their audience have a massive advantage over their competition. So how do you create this bond between your brand and your customers? Quite simply, using the branded archetypes!

Whether you are an institutional or corporate brand or want to improve your branding, they are the key to this connection. Your customers will recognize themselves, connect, buy and talk about your brand.


Your brand DNA is the emotional connection that connects you to your customers. You have to be completely honest to attract customers who share the same values ​​as your brand. If you want people to buy from you, they need to know, love and trust you.

Brand archetypes allow you to create that emotional connection. With the Seducer archetype, they’ll feel glamorous, as brands like Chanel or Haagen Dazs suggest. The Clown, tinged with humor, reminds its customers not to take life too seriously, as M & Ms or Oasis does. Brands like Johnson & Jonhson or Toms endorse the qualities of the Protector to take care of those around him.

Brand archetypes will awaken human feelings in your customers. They’ll feel valued, excited, creative, confident, daring, rebellious, nostalgic, charismatic, and that’s what will attract them to your brand. The archetypes have a psychological basis. They represent beliefs, personality traits, values, metaphors, weaknesses, motivations, and fears that define a character. They are universal patterns of behavior inscribed in your collective unconscious. Their messages are instinctively understandable to you as if you had been programmed to recognize them.

They provide universal recognition of specific behavioral patterns that:

They represent the expression of your primary desires embedded in your subconscious .ax magician brand archetype. Whatever you do, your brand archetype impacts your instinctive behaviors. You may boast of being rational, you remain a human being guided by his emotions, and the archetypes are in a way the key to deciphering your psyche. Want to create a strong connection with your audience? Then the brand archetypes will be formidable allies! Used for decades by major brands, such as Nike, Google, Coca, eBay, etc., they create this solid emotional connection between brands and their customers, between buying motivation and sales.

Brand archetypes allow you:

With the archetypes, you humanize your brand. You give it a real character through which your customers can identify.


Harnessing the power of its brand archetype as a master plan is a guarantee:

As a differentiator

Supply significantly exceeded demand.

The market is saturated with almost all similar products. You find yourself competing with companies around the world. Your only way out: to stand out! The more your business is different from others, the better your chances of standing out from your competitors. If you are using a traditional marketing strategy, you have two options:

Fortunately, there is a third option which is to work on your branding strategy. And what could be better than articulating your communication around a strong brand archetype? For your customers to connect with your brand and instinctively understand your message, you need to give it a cohesive focus and familiar characteristics. Your brand needs a real personality with a tone of voice. The brand archetypes with well-defined characters, belief systems, and specific values will help you humanize your brand. If you don’t want to be, simply, another company in the market competing on price, benefits, and features, you’ll need to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Simplify your communication

Using brand archetypes in your digital marketing strategy will give you consistency and consistency in expressing your brand’s identity. You will build your editorial content strategy with its tone, its specific angle on social media.

When a brand, like Nike, claims to be the Hero of its industry, you immediately see what it can and cannot share on its digital media. Choosing an archetype will help you structure your brand’s personality. Your tone, your identity, and your content will become evident. You will communicate more easily about who you are, what you offer, and how you present it. Your customers will perceive your messages better; they will know what to expect from you regarding products, practices, and services.

By building a cohesive brand, your people will understand the brand’s DNA and can buy into your vision. Your service providers will take the full measure of your brand and will be able to define your communication media easily. The brand archetypes will be the lever that will help you better communicate with your target and develop your notoriety.

Client experience

A strong brand personality can make customers feel safe, valued, excited, confident, glamorous, rebellious. And as we have seen previously, consumers do not buy logically; their emotions guide their purchases. When they subconsciously feel that a brand will fill basic needs, they will buy the perceived value. Mercedes perfectly masters the archetype of the Leader brand: control, leadership, and excellence. You know that even if its finishes are outstanding bills, this car will give you privileged status.

Those around you will no longer see you in the same way. And it’s a safe bet that you will feel different. Subconsciously you think that you are part of an elite, of a private club. Brand archetypes help you build genuine relationships with your customers.

And when they learn to trust you and understand what you can offer them, you put in place all the elements of loyalty, word of mouth to promote your brand image.


Valuing your brand image through your archetype will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. Some people will think of instilling some characteristics of each archetype to appeal to the most significant number. But it is impossible to “please everyone is to please no one.”

It would be best if you stayed focused on your primary brand archetype to speak directly to the core desires of your ideal customers. When your image, tone, opinions, and vocabulary are aligned and work together to evoke the desires your brand fulfills. You get a brand with a human and memorable personality that your customers easily connect with.

To build a brand identity around your archetype, several key steps must be observed (you must always base your thinking on your brand archetype):

If you want your customers to connect with your brand, you need to give it the most human characteristics to create a strong brand image. To help you in the “personalization” of your brand, find all the attributes of the brand archetypes below.


The archetypes fall into four broad categories that meet different basic needs:

Order and Structure -> Creator, Leader, Protector

Social belonging -> Clown, Realistic, Seducer

Change & risk -> Hero, Magician, Rebel

Achievement -> Explorer, Innocent, Sage

Want to discover your archetypes to consolidate your brand identity? Please consult with our enthusiasts and dedicated team members! Seahawk Media’s team is always here to help you!

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