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Autosave in WordPress

WP saves your post, page, or custom post type every 60 seconds by default when you alter your content.

This may be very useful for saving a duplicate of unsaved material that you might otherwise lose due to expired cookies, browser crashes, lost internet connection, inadvertent navigation, WP core or plugin errors/crashes, etc.

In addition to automatically storing material to the database, the function now uses your browser’s local storage feature to prevent your content from being lost if you go offline very fast (such as sudden loss of power).

While the autosave option in WordPress might be a lifesaver for people who often modify their material in the WP admin, It is up to the users to determine whether or not the feature should be enabled. The good news is that you can turn off the function or change the saving interval to suit your needs. We usually keep or make it a little shorter on our professionally created web blogs.

How does it work?

Changes you make to your post will be saved automatically every 60 seconds while writing or editing it.

A notice will appear in the lower right corner of your post editor when an article is modified or autosaved.

If your post is updated after autosaving, the new save will override the previous ones. This indicates that your table will only expand by a certain amount which is once every 60 seconds. For each post, just one (most recent) autosave is saved.

When you hit the Update button, a new set of “revisions” for your WordPress content is produced each time you do so.

If you shut your browser tab without saving your post, you may have observed that a warning will appear informing you that your article has not been saved.

The advantage of choosing autosave is that even if you close the tab without saving anything, the autosaved version of your post will be the first thing you see in your post editor when you log in again.

The most excellent part is that these automated saves don’t replace your saved modifications or published content. As a result, you may begin modifying the autosaved post for your next session without any problem.

Autosave makes WordPress a much better content editing tool

While WP is undoubtedly the best CMS in the market, it still lacks many content writing, editing, and collaboration features of MS Word and Google docs. Such a user uses the WP admin only when the post is finished writing.

This creates more work for the editor and author of the site – migrating content from a document to your backend takes a lot of time because most of the formatting is lost along the way.

However, this enhanced WordPress autosave feature puts this CMS a step forward to become a more reliable content editing tool.

If you’re still using a third-party application for content creation and collaboration, aside from this feature, a few reasons why WordPress admin could be the best choice for you if you’re still using a third-party application for content creation and collaboration.  

If you want to know more about Autosave in WordPress, head to Seahawk Media, as they have the best information on this.

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