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Debugging WP

In an ideal world, there wouldn’t ever be a problem that needed debugging. But in the real world, you’ll almost surely encounter WordPress site problems that call for a closer examination. WordPress has a built-in debug mode to assist you in doing that, and you can also discover helpful third-party tools to help with debugging […]

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Post Status

WordPress users may set a post’s workflow state using post status. WordPress utilizes eight different default statuses. They are inheritable, published, future, draught, pending, trashed, and auto-draft.  Creating Custom Post Status in WordPress If a post was made and has never had a status, it may have a “new” status. WordPress plugins and themes may […]

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Excerpt in WordPress

WordPress excerpts are essentially the summaries of lengthy articles and are frequently used in place of entire posts on the blog index and archives pages to save space. For instance, if you display the complete text of 10 articles with a word count of 1,000 each, your blog listing pages would have about 10,000 words, […]

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How to Change the Site URL in WordPress?

It’s time to go through the procedure of changing your WordPress URL after looking at the many reasons why you would wish to. Fortunately, there are a few approaches that work. How to change WordPress URL in all scenarios Method 1: Modify your WordPress dashboard’s URL. Before diving into anything more technical, it is advisable […]

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Github in WordPress

Effective version control is essential to preventing misunderstanding and providing users with the best (and most current) version as more individuals contribute to open source projects. WordPress development is now primarily carried out by virtual teams with members located worldwide, with proper version control and code access procedures essential to the team’s smooth operation. The […]

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Post Types

Custom post types in WordPress are valuable features. They provide you with the crucial flexibility you need to develop a custom website and transform WordPress from a primary blogging platform to a content management system. In WordPress, post types are a mechanism to categorize various content kinds. A few other post kinds are also included […]

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WordPress Revisions

The Content Management System (CMS) automatically revises whenever you save a draft or edit a WordPress page or post that has already been published. When used, this function can shield you from losing crucial work. Unfortunately, over time, WordPress changes may consume extra storage space and degrade the functionality of your website. Fortunately, you may […]

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What is a template in WP?

Page templates are one of the most crucial instruments in the pursuit of total website management. They provide visitors the option to significantly change their website’s look and feel. Continue reading to see how WordPress page templates can assist you in achieving that. WordPress Template Files When we discuss templates in WordPress, what exactly are […]

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What is a Responsive Theme?

In web design, the term “responsive” is frequently bandied around. Responsive design is highly recommended, and there is a lot of excitement about its significance. But beginners in sectors such as professional blogging and web mastering sometimes need some time to grasp all of this hype about what precisely a responsive website is and how […]

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