Creating WordPress focused strategies for big brands and enterprises around the world. Seahawk VIP is not a one size fits all. We customize our marketing services based on your brands needs.

VIP Story

Seahawk starting out by helping small brands around the world thrive online with WordPress. As we grew and our founder Ryan formed more relationships and contacts throughout the industry, we have been approached by big brands for WordPress expertise and marketing services. Today, we are proud to partner with big brands all around the world.

Our Story

We partner with WordPress VIP to power our big brands and enterprise sites. We do this on underscores. Underscores is the starter theme backed by Automattic's development team, the parent company to WordPress. It is requirement to host a site on the WordPress VIP platform.

Handcrafted Enterprise WordPress Solution:

  • Bespoke WordPress development
  • User centered design
  • Strategy and consultancy
  • Concept development
  • Responsive design
  • Accessibility
  • Custom APIs
  • Custom integrations
  • Code review
  • Content migration
  • Plugin development
  • Publishing platform

Marketing Services

We work with big companies and public figures to help implement unified global marketing strategies.

  • Social Media

    We help brands organize their programs and daily content, then build a standard operating procedures (SOP) in the cloud to set process for clean distribution across all platforms.

  • SEO

    Global search engine optimization techniques to make your brand shine on search.

  • Localization

    We help your brand localize content for global markets.

  • Domains

    We help big brands acquire premium domain names. -

  • Video Production

    We do on-site

  • YouTube

    Seahawk works with YouTube channels to help with editing, design, and distribution. We also assist with sponsorships.

  • Advertising

    Coming soon...

Software & Applications

We refer to some of the best software companies in the world like STRV and Netguru. Contact us today and we will get you in touch with the right team.

Seahawk Talent

Seahawk VIP is the back end engine for our Seahawk Talent creatives. We assign top designers, editors, animators, and creators to work on branded content and campaign creatives.

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