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Arogya Depot

Arogya Depot is an organization dealing with manufacturing and distribution of specialized PPE equipment and protective gear like respiratory masks, goggles, overalls, and gloves. Being one of the exclusive supply partners of protective gear in the B2B industry, Arogya Depot has its operations based out of India. They are established in the industry as an integrated manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of PPE kits keeping the right quality standards and safety measures in place, especially in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. With enhanced technology and upgradation, they have successfully enabled faster and successful customization of products.



With such a highly specialized form of product offering, Arogya Depot was in the need of an equally specialized website that would present its product selection efficiently and perfectly. The brand required a social strategy to popularize its product range in the times of the pandemic when they are most needed by workers and professionals working on the frontline. And most importantly, the brand required swift and efficient action to make the website SEO friendly and discoverable by useful keywords.


Since this was an urgent project, it required urgent action from all teams to get the branding initiatives and the website up in a week’s time. Teams worked with utmost coordination among themselves and with client instructions to deliver a stellar website amid the pandemic situation.


Needless to say, the results were exceptional with the website completely functional and ready in a week’s time and launched with no errors. During these stressful times, we took this project as a high priority case in the interest of public health and safety. The Arogya Depot brand building efforts were successful in its launch and promotions, making it a huge success.


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