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Here we will discuss the difference between Typecho vs. WordPress. Developers first test blog platforms before they are officially released and launched. Choosing a suitable blog platform is one of the most important things when it comes to creating a blog website. In addition to the website positioning, development planning, content construction, and profitability, this choice also involves the future positioning of the website. To know whether to select Typecho or WordPress for your website, read this article in full.

The Evolution of WordPress

As the most famous personal blogging platform in the world, WordPress has gradually evolved into a content management system software. The excellent code quality is evident WordPress has the most powerful plugins and templates in the world, a prevalent WordPress feature. Over 18,000 plugins in the current WordPress database are available, including SEO, controls, and more. Furthermore, individuals can develop their templates and plugins according to the rules offered by its core program.  

These plugins can quickly transform your blog into CMS, Forums, portals, and other sites. WordPress Theme style templates (themes) are the most programs in the world, with complex types, admirable quality, and various styles. You are only required to put different template files in the theme directory space, and you can freely change them in the background, which is convenient to use. You can freely use these styles no matter what language pack you have installed.

The Origin Of The Name Typecho 

typecho language market share

Typecho is composed of two words, type, and echo, which come from the brainstorming of the development team. 

Type means typing. The blog is a platform that allows us to express ourselves on the Internet through typing. Echo, which means echo, feedback, and resonance, is the most common and essential function in PHP. It is believed that most PHP enthusiasts start their PHP programming path by echoing, ‘Hello, world!.’

The name indicates that Typecho is a blog program. It is released under the GPL version 2 license. It is based on PHP, can run on various platforms, and supports multiple databases.

typecho market share

Which One is Best, Typecho or WordPress? 

As for whether to choose Typecho or WordPress, this is not a question that others can give you a clear answer to, and you have to make a choice based on your planning and positioning of your blog website. From Mingyue’s point of view, it is recommended to consider Typecho if the technical foundation is relatively poor because it does not require you to toss too much; focus on writing the output content. Even if Typecho can’t meet your needs in the future, its data can be easily converted to WordPress or other blogging platforms. Looking for more such glossaries, visit Seahawk Media.

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