What Is PSD To WordPress Conversion?

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There are two major things to think about when it comes to website creation. There’s code, and there’s design. The truth is, the two of those things really need to work together to make a stellar site that’s not only eye catching, but also functions correctly. So today, we’re talking about how to achieve both through PSD to WordPress conversion.

So first things first, what in the world is PSD?

PSD stands for Photoshop design. Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used digital imaging software, and it’s well-known in the web design community. Most designers use Photoshop to design custom themes for their clients, and what they essentially do is make a mockup of a WordPress site. Then, they’ll transfer it over into a working WordPress site once they’re happy with their mockup.

So you might be wondering: why would I want a custom WordPress site anyway?

Well, it’s true that there are plenty of pre-made themes available, but we recommend going with custom designs when you can. It makes more sense for most people and businesses, because a custom theme is going to be catered specifically to you and your needs. It’s also going to have your business goals in mind. So think about it: a doctor’s office and a beauty salon are both going to need the functionality to be able to book appointments from their website, but the look and feel of that site is going to be completely different. Same thing for a sports writer and a fashion writer. They both want to regularly publish blogs, but again, the design and some of the functionality is going to be a little bit different. That’s why it’s important to work with someone who knows what your goals are knows what you’re going to be using the site for so that they can create something specifically for you.

After creating that initial mock up of your site, the designer is going to need to take that PSD, or Photoshop design, and actually place it into a working WordPress website.

This is done using a few different steps: the first step is slicing the design. What this means is that they’re going to need to take different elements of that mockup, cut them out, and save them accordingly. They’ll want to make sure to name them correctly, so they know where each element is going to go on the working site. Next, they’ll start placing those sliced elements into WordPress. Finally, after optimizing the file structure and adding WordPress tags, they’ll then add functionality and continue to test the site to make sure that all of the elements are working together correctly, that the PSD to WordPress conversion was successful, and that everything is functioning properly.

So that’s it: that’s what it means to convert PSD to WordPress. It’s a method that designers use to create a custom website for you using Adobe Photoshop.

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