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Pallavi Wadan Joins Seahawk

Pallavi Wadan

Many brands and businesses know (or think they know) that they need SEO for their digital properties, and the benefits they will get from that SEO work being implemented on their behalf will be tremendous for their growth. Having said that, finding the most suitable person to help you maintain the standards is quite tricky. But it’s not the case with us.

Because we have Pallavi Wadan to handle it most perfectly. (Yeah! No need to be jealous.)

Pallavi joined our Seahawk fam in April 2020, and since then, she has become a charm in everyone’s eyes. Always ready to help and teach, Pallavi is currently working as an SEO Manager who actively looks after all significant technical issues, along with on-page, off-page, e-commerce, and technical SEO. She is a bright mind behind all the client’s and Seahawk’s SEO management, website management, and website audit. She has advanced experience in WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Marketgoo, and many other tools. Talking about her educational background and previous experiences, Pallavi has completed her Masters in Computer Applications long back and has been into SEO Management for the last six years.

No matter how much we appreciate her, it’s always less. Pallavi is continuously working on developing optimization strategies that are increasing Seahawk’s search engine results ranking. With the help of SEO and content, our blogs have started to rank on search pages. Pallavi actively invests her time in SEO keyword research which is used throughout the company’s website and marketing materials developed for the clients. She set measurable goals that demonstrate improvement in marketing efforts and monitor daily performance metrics to establish SEO strategy. Not only these, Pallavi efficiently communicates with our clients to align SEO goals, update content and website links for maximum optimization and search engine rankings of clients’ websites.

We are proud to have such a detail-oriented team member at our company who sets standards. Pallavi has been applauded by many of our clients because of her tremendous work ethic. We hope that she will continue to work religiously, and together, we will reach heights!

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