Vinayak Bali Joins Seahawk


When we started Seahawk Media, we never thought that we would come so far, so soon. Though it has not been a long time, the journey till here had many ebbs and flows. Through those unprecedented times, passing over those hurdles was impossible without the Seahawk family members. The way all of us supported each other and together flourished as a team was remarkable and praise-worthy.

One such incredible member of our lovely team is Vinayak Bali. He is such a polite soul that his mere presence can bring a smile to everyone’s face. He joined our team in December 2019, and since then, his work has received many accolades. He works as a Customer Success Manager of the Social division in the company. He solely deals with the Clients’ brand development and manages their social media accounts smartly. 

Vinayak’s favorite quote by Steve Jobs, “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations.” says a lot about his personality. With the experience of traveling companies, the F&B Industry, and blogging, Vinayak has shown his perseverance and dedication in every work here as well. The way he handles so many clients’ at once is worth praising. 

A lighthouse of motivation and positive energy, Vinayak completes all his tasks with zeal and perfection. He has the ability to handle multiple tasks at once and has a sharp eye for details. His way of bringing new and interactive ideas to the table is amazing. It is his impeccable communication and great decision-making skills through which he always delivers the best services in a timely fashion. 

We wish Vinayak to kick higher milestones by his exceptional expertise in multidisciplinary fields and lead greater projects in the future.

You complete us, Vinayak! ? 

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