Hitesh Chopra Joins Seahawk

Upbeat and optimistic employees create a unique working environment, spawn new ideas, and, just as important, is delightful for other people to work with. With so much work and expectations on our plate these days, it’s quite satisfying for an employee to work with managers that support and appreciate every little thing they do. 

One such amazing manager amongst us is Hitesh Chopra. Started as a Marketing Intern, left for another company, and came back to Head the Web Operations team, Hitesh’s journey with Seahawk Media is quite a roller-coaster ride. He completed his undergraduate course from Singapore Institute of Management, doing a double major in Marketing & Accountancy. He has always had the knack for Marketing Management and has believed that people’s skills are the most important aspect of any business today. On asking his career secret, he responded, “Understanding the client needs is the core for any business. Throughout my past experiences, I have tried to gain insight into different areas of Marketing, which has helped me learn, transform and sharpen my skill set and has also made me understand that no business can succeed without Marketing. And I have a strong sense of adaptability as per what the situation calls for.” 

Dealing with intricate problems with utmost simplicity, keenness to learn, and undying curiosity are key to Hitesh’s success. His ability to connect with clients, identify their requirements, and inspiring them with ultimate work and presentation skills is remarkable. Hitesh always brings his keen analytical skills to the table and is a ‘doer’ in any team situation. His expertise lies in planning and analyzing strategies, building prospects, and understanding brands. He focuses on creating a balance between the client’s and his team’s needs, which helps him deliver better results and meet expectations. Hitesh is always positive to take up new and exciting challenges even if it lies out of his comfort zone.

An ardent follower of a famous quote, “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.”, truly reflects his personality. Hitesh possesses underlying energy and inherent excellence to deliver the best with an amazing attitude and futuristic results that we always look for in an employee. He is truly one of the brightest employee that we have and continues to put out incredible work!

You’re our strength, Hitesh! ‎️‍? 

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