what is gravatar in wordpress

Gravatar is a free web service that allows users to maintain their avatars and provides “an uncomplicated and verifiable way to demonstrate their identity online,” according to its official website.

These avatars may be used by websites and other businesses to “humanize” their platforms.

Use Gravatars if you’re not using WordPress or Stack Overflow.

As a result, the avatar, or picture that symbolizes a computer user, has adopted the name of the service that controls it. As a result, avatars are less mentioned than Gravatars.

What is Gravatar for WordPress, and how does it work?

However, how does your WordPress site link the picture to the Gravatar of the user leaving a comment on your site/blog?

To begin, you should be aware that Gravatar is built-in to every WordPress site.

When a person with a Gravatar profile wishes to comment on a post on your website, his Gravatar is instantly displayed next to his remark if his Gravatar email address matches his WordPress profile email address.

If the two services (Gravatar and WordPress) do not match, the remark will be followed by the mystery person or a gravatar produced automatically by WordPress.

Why should you use Gravatar with WordPress?

After this presentation, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a Gravatar user. What are some of the benefits of utilizing a gravatar?

There are numerous Gravatar to choose from:

You may use a gravatar to unify your online identity since it accompanies you everywhere once you’ve linked one to your email address. It’ll show up whenever you use that address to leave a comment, as long as the site you’re commenting on accepts Gravatar (this is not the case for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, for example).

It humanizes you since your comment is linked to your image: we know how you appear, which is friendlier than, say, the mystery person’s unidentifiable avatar.

You strengthen your brand’s image and trustworthiness. A “genuine” individual is more likely to be trusted. Having a gravatar ensures that you will not be mistaken for spam.

All of your profiles have been updated. Do you want to update your profile photo? It’s not a big issue.

It only takes a few seconds on your Gravatar profile. All the sites where you’ve left comments are immediately updated with the change. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do it manually on each site.

Furthermore, as WordPress advises, using a gravatar makes the procedure easier for “everyone.” This applies to both the user and the site administrator, as seen in the examples above.

For example, the latter does not have to worry about user accounts or photographs. Everything is taken care of for him via the Gravatar service.

To make all of this operate in the background, you’ll need a Gravatar profile, which you already have.

If you want to learn more about Gravatar, head to Seahawk Media.

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