Apache in WordPress

Apache is the most used web server software, with 67 percent of all websites using it. Apache is open-source software offered for free and developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.

It’s quick, dependable, and safe. And thanks to extensions and modules, Apache may be substantially modified to fit the demands of a wide range of scenarios.

The web server software used by most WordPress hosting companies is Apache. On the other hand, WordPress may operate on any web server software.

Writing an introduction to Apache or WordPress is pointless because they are among the most widely used Open Source Web Servers today. Apache is utilized on 36.9% of all web servers globally and WordPress on one of every six websites — Apache provides the dynamic server gateway connection for WordPress Publishing Content Management with MYSQL and PHP.

This topic explains the steps required to install the latest version of WordPress on top of LAMP, including basic Apache Virtual Host configurations and MySQL database access via command-line or the PhpMyAdmin Web Interface. Still, it does not cover other necessary network service configurations, such as an IP name mapping provided by a DNS server. Instead, it relies on the rudimentary system hosts file for IP name transactions (DNS query).

A web server, such as Apache, performs a variety of functions:

How to set up WordPress with Apache on Ubuntu Linux?

This short tutorial demonstrates the WordPress content management system (CMS) setup on Ubuntu Linux using the Apache HTTP web server. It also includes a link to set up free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for your WordPress site’s security.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that includes a plethora of functions and hundreds of plugins and templates or themes. WordPress may be the most straightforward approach to constructing an online website or business, particularly if you want help. The site will be managed and maintained by users. This lesson is based on the Ubuntu Linux operating system. The Apache web server, MariaDB database server, and PHP components will be installed. We’ll also include a link to another article that explains how to protect your WordPress site with free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

Installing and configuring the Apache webserver on your system

You must use the same software as your WordPress hosting provider if you want to run WordPress locally on your computer. This contains Apache (the webserver), MySQL (the database), and PHP (the programming language) (the programming language).

WordPress runs on a web server, and Apache is one of the most widely used open-source web servers today. The instructions below can stop, start, and restart Apache after it has been installed and allow Apache services to start up automatically whenever your server boots up.

Open your web browser and go to the server’s IP address or hostname to see if Apache is installed and working.

If you want to know more about Apache in WordPress, head to Seahawk Media, as they have the best information on this.

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