Non-composited Animations


Non-composited animations are animations not rendered using the browser’s compositing engine. This means they are rendered as individual frames, one after the other, instead of being rendered together in a single image. This can lead to several problems, including jerky animations, dropped frames, and large file sizes.

Why not use non-composited animations?

There are several reasons to avoid using non-composited animations:

  1. They can significantly drain system resources, causing your computer to slow down or freeze.
  2. They can cause visual artifacts and glitches, which can be distracting and annoying.
  3. They can cause your browser to crash or hang.
  4. Non-composited animations can be a security risk, as they can allow malicious code to execute on your computer.

How to avoid non-composited animations?

One way to avoid non-composited animations is to use hardware-accelerated graphics. This will ensure that your animations are rendered using the GPU, which can help improve performance. Another way to avoid non-composited animations is to use a JavaScript animation library that uses CSS3 transitions or WebGL. These libraries can help improve performance by taking advantage of hardware acceleration.


Avoiding non-composited animations is essential for several reasons. They can negatively impact performance and also cause jank or other visual artifacts. Furthermore, non-composited animations can be challenging to debug and fix. By following the tips in this article, you can help ensure that your animations are smooth and free of any unwanted artifacts.

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