Everything You Should Know About Blockchain In WordPress

Everything You Should Know about Blockchain in WordPress 01 1

Satoshi Nakamoto conceptualized Blockchain in 2008 to devise a digital currency. Blockchain allows digital data to be recorded and shared but doesn’t allow editing. It increases the trust, clarity, security, and trackability of shared data. The decentralized digital ledger system proposes innovative features invaluable for domains where data security and transparency are predominant. 

WordPress is a transparency management software it helps you create and host websites. WordPress websites are prone to cyberattacks as many web admins do not give WordPress security the spotlight it deserves.

Blockchain puts a lot of emphasis on security, profitability, and utility. Therefore, it remarkably benefits WordPress by making it adaptable and more secure. This article will find everything you need to know about Blockchain in WordPress.

Benefits of Blockchain in WordPress websites

Given below are some of the benefits of Blockchain in WordPress.

Blockchain provides extraordinary Security Measures:

Blockchain security is built to introduce un-breakable security. It has made it impossible to crack the encryption codes with the decryption key.

Given below are a few use cases of Blockchain that may support WordPress security:

WordPress plugins like EthereumICO or WPSmartContracts can be used to generate smart contracts. Storage services based on Blockchain permit businesses to host data unwaveringly.

Cost-Efficient Technology: 

Traditional content decriminalization services like AdSense and WordAds require a central authority to understand the monetization algorithms.

There’s no such case with Blockchain because Blockchain considers security as one of the significant aspects to scrutinize. It eliminates the need for intermediaries in digital transactions.

Hence, if your WordPress website welcomes Bitcoin payments, you are not required to pay payment gateway charges. That way, you may save a hefty amount of money.

Speeds up online transactions:

Block data releases that trades based on Blockchain are 127 times more economical and 388 times faster than conventional ones.

Businesses that have adopted this system do not have to wait for payment gateways and financial institutions to approve their transactions.

It makes sense to benefit from blockchain technology while selling goods or services on your WordPress website. Various plugins like GoURL Bitcoin Payment Gateway, Digital Paybox, and others can be used to warrant reliable and secured crypto payments.

Location Independence: 

Businesses dealing with audiences globally often face problems in receiving payments from specific geographical locations that drive away prospective buyers in unsupported locations.

Multinational corporations based on WordPress may benefit from Blockchain as it allows businesses to welcome receipts from anywhere. 

Cryptocurrency payments in WordPress: 

Given below are a few WordPress bitcoin plugins that help you reliably welcome blockchain receipts in WordPress:


The record of companies accepting bitcoin payments is growing bigger and bigger every year. Introducing bitcoin to your WordPress payment procedures may bolster your honor.

Therefore, if you can exhibit that blockchain technology is advantageous for WordPress, it will be easier for you to persuade your clients to embrace other forms of it in the future (one of its examples can be smart contracts).

Summing Up

Blockchain technology may look new, and many WordPress developers may find it a temporary stunt to attract tech-savvy end users.

But the fact is, blockchain-driven payments in WordPress have various real benefits. Security, one of the major issues, is a leading reason you should adopt blockchain technology as it introduces significant security protocols and makes WordPress plugins steady and pain-free.

It is exhilarating to see how WordPress will hold this revolutionary technology to become a powerful content management software. If you are a WordPress website developer or manager aiming to anticipate the curve, investing in this technology is worth it.

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