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Case Study InApp: Website Redesign

Case Study InApp: Website Redesign

InApp is a software development company that provides full-cycle software development services to customers worldwide, including SAAS & software vendors and companies looking to harness business innovation with digital transformation and emerging technologies. Looking to develop its online presence and redesign its website, InApp came to Seahawk for help. See the results we were able to achieve for them below!

Copie non ancienne
InApp Old Design


InApp recherchait un partenaire stratégique pour réorganiser son site existant et augmenter ses ventes. InApp a des décennies d'expérience dans la création de solutions de développement de logiciels de pointe pour diverses industries. Avant de nous contacter, la présence en ligne d'InApp se limitait à son site web. L'entreprise a fait appel à notre expertise pour redéfinir son image de marque, réorganiser son site Web et élaborer une stratégie de marketing numérique.

At Seahawk, we maintain transparency and value regular collaboration with our esteemed clients. Our team worked with the group at InApp to establish and create a tailored plan that suits their industry and business KPIs. The result? A new modern look, mobile-friendly, responsive site built to address their current and long-term goals.

Revamping InApp’s Digital Presence

Before connecting with Seahawk, InApp faced a distinctive challenge: defining a new digital strategy in a sector that usually lacks a significant online presence. To meet this challenge, our dedicated & experienced team spent a great deal of their time developing a thorough understanding of InApp’s industry and company values.

Version initiale de l'interface utilisateur 1.0

SEO analysis was carried out to review competitors’ strategies and find the best & high-performing keywords for the industry. Wireframes were created by our development team to define the website’s structure and provide the best user experience.

In addition, we developed style tiles to assist the InApp team in selecting a stunning new website layout. Our team also developed personas and customer journeys to help with upcoming campaigns and ongoing targeting. 

Once Seahawk launched InApp’s new and improved website, this allowed our team to create campaigns that would attract their customers and prospects. This included content creation, SEO marketing, and more.

Depuis le lancement du nouveau site web d'InApp, l'entreprise a connu une augmentation significative de l'engagement externe. Leur tout nouveau site web est à la pointe de la technologie, convivial, et donne aux visiteurs une vue rapprochée de la culture et des valeurs de l'entreprise InApp. Grâce à nos efforts continus et à notre travail acharné, InApp peut voir sa présence numérique continuer à croître !

Visitez ce projet sur le site Web de figma & InApp.

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