How To Build A WordPress Maintenance Plan For Your Agency?

Build WP Maintenance plan for your agency

Your web design firm or your agency might expand in a variety of different ways. You may either raise prices, introduce a new service, or eliminate services that are not doing well to focus on the services generating the most income. Adding WordPress maintenance plans, on the other hand, is perhaps one of the least complicated methods to expand your company.

What is a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Creative professionals employ WordPress maintenance plans and pre-packaged services to increase their company’s recurring income as much as possible. Various services, including plugin updates, backups, security insights, migrations, support, and much more, are often included in maintenance subscriptions. Since WordPress now powers more than 30 percent of the internet, it follows that an increasing number of customers are selecting WordPress as the platform of choice for their websites. This, in turn, indicates that the need for maintenance plans is expanding.

How to Create a Maintenance Plan

The moment has come to provide an answer to the most critical issue, which is how one might get started generating this kind of regular money.

In only three simple steps, you can get started selling maintenance plans for site design:

1. Specify the Services That You Want to Provide

The first thing you need to do when developing a strategy for maintenance is to determine the services you want to provide. Get the list of popular services for web design maintenance plans so that you can get your creative juices flowing more easily. Some could make excellent sense for your company, while others would be better for later consideration. If you keep in mind your company’s requirements and the things that will simplify your customers’ lives, you’ll be able to get started in no time!

2. Bundle Such Services Into Several Different Plans

After deciding on the services you want, the next step is to group those services into various plans. Although you might offer each item separately, it is more typical to sell numerous services together in a package described as “all-inclusive.” Combining the two approaches is always an option, and you should do so based on your customers’ requirements.

“A basic maintenance plan will take care of daily offsite backups, monitoring for malware and uptime, software upgrades, spam removal, and database optimization. Performance monitoring, page speed optimization, cache services, and in certain circumstances, retainer time for bespoke development or content management services may be included in higher-level plans. -Lori Berkowitz, owner of BeeDragon Web Services in Baltimore, Maryland, a firm that specializes in building WordPress websites using a client’s unique specifications.

3. Determine your price strategy

Let’s go on to discussing monetary matters. You will need to decide the price you will charge for each plan, which will mostly rely on the particular services included in each one and your typical rate.

When choosing your costs, there is one more factor to consider: how “in-demand” your service is. Are most of your customers requesting that you undertake security audits and update their plugins? Think of going above and above the standard rate for such services. When you give some thought to the wants and needs of your customers, it will be easier for you to determine (and explain!) the prices you may charge for the various programs you provide.

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