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Lazy loading (also known as on-demand loading) is a strategy for optimizing online information on a website or a web app.

Instead of loading the entire web page and displaying it to the user all at once, as with bulk loading, the notion of lazy loading aids in loading just the sections that are required and deferring the rest until the user requests it.

You’ve undoubtedly experienced lazy-loading in action before, and it works like this:

You start scrolling while reading the text when you get to a webpage.

You slide a placeholder picture into the viewport at some point.

The placeholder picture is swapped by the final image all of a sudden.

Implementing methods for Lazy Loading

The following are some methods for enabling lazy loading within your code:

Lazy installation- This function sets items to null and is used for lazy initialization. The data for objects is retrieved only after and whenever they are invoked.

Virtual Proxy- When addressing an object, use a virtual proxy with the same functionality as the original object.

Ghost- Using merely an identifier, fetch an object in a partial state. Load the whole data set the first instance a function on the item is invoked.

Value Holder- Construct a generic item that manages lazy loading behavior. The data fields of an object should be replaced with this object.

Advantages of Lazy Loading

On-demand loading optimizes content delivery by reducing time and memory use. Because only a portion of the needed web page is loaded first, the time consumed is reduced, and the loading of the remaining sections is postponed, which saves memory space. This improves the user’s experience by delivering the required material quickly.

Code execution that isn’t required is avoided.

From the perspective of business people, it is a cost-effective technique since it optimizes space or time resources. (website proprietors)

The disadvantages of lazy loading

To begin with, the additional lines of code that must be applied to the current ones to achieve a slow load make the code a little more complicated.

Second, sluggish loading may impact a website’s search engine ranking due to poor categorization of the unloaded material.

Instead of Lazy Loading photos or videos immediately, why not load them slowly? 

Because you might be loading data that the user would never see. This is an issue for several reasons:

It is a waste of data.

Loading data that the customer will never view might waste money on restricted data plans.

Processing time, battery life, and other system components are all wasted. After downloading it, the browser must interpret a media resource and present its information in the viewport.

Starting page load time, starting page weight, and system resource usage are all reduced by lazy-loading graphics and video, improving efficiency.


Lazy-loading pictures and video, when used carefully, may significantly reduce your site’s initial load time and page payloads. Users will not pay wasteful network activity or processing expenses for media content they will never access, but they will be able to see such materials if they so want.

Lazy-loading is one of the most effective methods for improving the site’s performance. It’s an acceptable technique to save unneeded downloads if your site has a lot of online images, and if you want to learn more about this technique, head to Seahawk Media. It would be much appreciated by your site’s users and project stakeholders!

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