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How To Add Schema Markup In WordPress Websites?

Did you know that it was possible to influence the way your site appears on Google, thanks to the use of structured data (and in particular from Schema.org)? To display, for example, reviews in the form of stars, frequently asked questions from Internet users, a formatted recipe. These visual improvements grab people’s attention on the […]

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Why PSD To WordPress Is Better Than Using A Theme For Your Fashion Brand?

Fashion is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is constantly changing, developing, and improving, with the need and the desire to satisfy the consumers’ market and needs. In the past, the fashion industry is focused on stores and selling in stores. With the introduction of eCommerce, many brands and stores decided to […]

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How To Build A Flawless, Awe-Inspiring Jewelry WordPress Theme or Website?

Are you planning to make more money through your jewelry store? Getting your store online should be at the top of your to-do list. Running a brick-and-mortar jewelry store could be straightforward, especially when you understand the market. But it could be a tall order to run a jewelry website without suitable designs. If you […]

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A Quick Guide To Dynamic WordPress Content

Going on the Internet, browsing through so many web pages, you will come up with those who would be more professional than the others. Of course, there is an explanation to it too. And if you take into consideration the second or the third time you visit them, you will instantly notice some changes. Although […]

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White Label WordPress Development – Everything You Need To Know!

Building a website today is one of the most required services. No matter if you are a digital agency, a marketing firm, or a freelancer, it is inevitable that at some point, you will be asked to build someone a website. Most of the businesses in the above-mentioned categories have tried WordPress and built their […]

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What Is WordPress Full-Site Editing? And How Will It Affect Your Site?

WordPress 5.8, and the journey continues. As per reports, 42% of all websites powers by WordPress, and the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress – is constantly evolving. After WordPress 5.7, there are again numerous innovations in this second major release for 2021! Originally four majors were planned, but the main version, 6.0, […]

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How To Add Dark Mode To Your WordPress Site?

Dark Mode on WordPress? Currently, a lot is said about Dark Mode, but what would Dark Mode be? In a nutshell, Dark Mode is when you go to a device or a website and change its colors to a darker color ? Large websites and applications have started to incorporate Dark Mode, and browsers themselves […]

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How To Increase Pageviews And Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress?

At first, most people think it’s easy to get people to your site. While most WordPress experts believe it’s easy to get people to the site. But, it’s harder to keep visitors stay on your website. Most users visit your site and end up leaving without even seeing the other pages. When a visitor leaves […]

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6 Common WordPress Myths Debunked

WordPress powers every 1 in 4 websites you visit. The number is enormous. Right?  WordPress is one of the most famous & influential content management systems (CMS) & website builder platforms that rules the world. It is arguably the best solution for launching, managing & modifying a site while controlling IT administrative complexity in a […]

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