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How To Redirect WordPress URL With & Without Plugin?

A well-established business without a proper website is unimaginable now. The tech world is continuously evolving to provide you with several features. The number of websites is constantly getting so large that a unique address is essential to create a suitable identity for each website. That dedicated address is the URL of the website. Now, […]

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DreamHost vs. SiteGround

Virtual presence is one of the most crucial aspects of every modern business. And, it has to be well-optimized and efficient enough to get and hold your potential customer base. Hence, build great strategies to establish an efficient virtual presence for your business. The primary and most usual format of virtual presence is a website […]

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DreamHost vs. Hostgator

To thrive in your business in the modern world, everyone needs a website. When creating one, the first step is to choose to host from the various web hosting services available – deciding which one would be most suitable for you or your business. A web host rents part of the resources on its servers […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Brand Archetype & Building Your Brand

Big brands work hard to maintain customer loyalty, frequently through years of advertising campaigns that reinforce brand messaging. These brands include high-street merchants’ online storefronts, marketplaces such as Amazon or Alibaba, and, increasingly, manufacturers selling straight to consumers. In every way, big brands are in the online minority. Still, this article focuses on developing a […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Figma

ContentsIntroductionCollaborative WorkPrototyping CompatibilityFast ComponentsEasy To LearnEasy To SharePresentations And FeedbackLibraries Three Applications in OneConclusion Introduction Creating a design is exciting. Taking the first step in designing means understanding different applications such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision Studio, and Figma. The right application is just as important as choosing the design theme, color, and font. You […]

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How To Easily Track 404 Pages And Redirect Them In WordPress?

404 errors happen when visitors attempt to access a page on your website that no longer exists. It creates a bad experience for the visitors and can be a nightmare for your search engine rankings. If you have an eCommerce website and your site is showing 404 errors, you can expect lower sales. The solution […]

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Figma vs. Sketch

Like any designer, there comes a time when different tools are available to us, and we have to decide which one to turn to. There was a time when we were working on Photoshop, and then many other tools came into being. Today, the choice is vast: Sketch, Figma, Invision Studio, Adobe Xd, FramerX, etc. […]

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How To Quickly Change The Admin Color Scheme In WordPress?

Several people use WordPress to publish and want a workspace with their preferred colors in the administration area to give it a more personal and authentic touch. Today we will show you how to change or add color schemes in WordPress administration quickly and correctly. ContentsWhat are WordPress Dashboard Color Schemes?How to Change Color Scheme?Plugins […]

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How To Put Your WordPress In Maintenance Mode?

Are you working on the launch of your WordPress site, or are you planning some significant updates? During this testing, tuning, and content creation, it is best to make your site temporarily inaccessible to visitors. Create a maintenance page to let them know that your site is under maintenance without landing on an error page. […]

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