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How To Add Bitcoin Payment To A WordPress Site? 

Bitcoin is the new hype. It’s also the old hype. In short, it’s the hype, and if you’re not already riding the cryptocurrency wave, there may never have been a better time to get started. Although virtual currencies experience large movements up or down in the short term, their long-term value increases exponentially. Some people […]

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WordPress XSS Attacks: How To Prevent Them?

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is one of the most common web vulnerabilities that can lead to phishing attacks, session hijacking, website defacement, and installation of malware on a victim’s computer. Due to their covert nature, XSS attacks often go unnoticed for a long time. Forums & Blogs are particularly more often hijacked. You can defend yourself […]

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Everything You Should Know About Blockchain In WordPress

Satoshi Nakamoto conceptualized Blockchain in 2008 to devise a digital currency. Blockchain allows digital data to be recorded and shared but doesn’t allow editing. It increases the trust, clarity, security, and trackability of shared data. The decentralized digital ledger system proposes innovative features invaluable for domains where data security and transparency are predominant.  WordPress is […]

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Top 5 Tech World Changes You Didn’t Know About

For the past years, technology has been transforming our world and daily lives, and there’s no space for doubt if we say technology is evolving at an accelerated rate. Continuously changing technology has made our lives better and easier and has changed the way we communicate, how we transfer money and pay bills, how we […]

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The Biggest Reason For Managed WordPress Hosting Churn: Slow Sites and Hacked Sites

As pro service program operators for Managed WordPress web hosting companies, we have seen firsthand the difficulties of retaining demanding customers. When customers have a slow or hacked website, they are considered to be on the verge of churning as they will start seeking help elsewhere. Hosting providers who do not offer Hacked Site Repair […]

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When To hire A Professional To Customize Your WordPress Theme?

WordPress is the easiest and the most prominent way to create a blog or website, and it powers more than 43% of websites on the internet. 

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Top 7 Free WordPress Theme Frameworks For Developers In 2022

When choosing WordPress to build your new website, theme customization and selection are some of the fundamental steps that are crucial to increase brand recognition and deliver a particular emotion to your site’s visitors.

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Combating WordPress Spam Comments Without Any Plugin

Spam comments, hate speech, and insults on a WordPress blog can become an annoyance. This session will teach you to organize, moderate, and block undesired comments on your blog entries.  Even if an anti-spam plugin makes sense, WordPress already has several excellent DIY solutions for dealing with spam and unwanted comments. Above all, if you […]

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Malware Removal Services vs. Website Security Services

To be successful, every business organization is required to have its data and information protected from unauthorized access. Therefore, many website security services and malware removal services have been introduced by IT practitioners to aid businesses in the protection of their data. 

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