Best WordPress CRM Plugins For 2022

wordpress crm plugins

Managing the customer relationship (CRM) is integrated into keeping in touch with your clients and potential clients and working on your interactions and relationships with them. The first thing that comes to mind is how great it would be if there were WordPress CRM plugins that would allow you to integrate customer relationship management right into your WordPress website. It is good to know that there are several options, and we will discuss the best and their pros and cons in this article.

The Best WordPress CRM Plugins


To simplify managing customer relationships, the creators of UkuuPeople had one goal when creating the product. You will find four main admin functions in the WordPress CRM plugin: People, Touchpoints, Add-ons, and Settings. You can not only manage your contacts here, but you can also assign tasks, add team members, and even schedule meetings in addition to managing your contacts. 


By extending WordPress’ user management system, WP-CRM allows custom metadata to be added. There is no limit to the number of attributes you can add to contacts, and you can customize them to your liking. Even setting up notifications is possible with a bit of knowledge of code. 

Zero BS WordPress CRM

As one of the “simplest and quickest” WordPress CRM plugins on the market, Zero BS WordPress CRM advertises itself as being the best out there. Besides offering the usual CRM functionality such as managing customers, adding custom fields, and providing front-end lead forms, the plugin also offers online invoicing, a client portal, and integration with Zapier in addition to providing online invoicing, a client portal, and integration with Zapier. A new feature that is available in Version 2 is the ability to create online invoices and the ability to integrate Zapier with your website.


In addition to being a standalone tool, UpiCRM can also be easily integrated into plugins such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Caldera that allow you to incorporate contact form functionality. As well as having a sales hierarchy function that is easy to use and the ability to pull data from multiple websites into UpiCRM, it includes a built-in contact form function. Through its basic functionality, you can use it to gather leads and assign them to your choice of users. 

WP-CRM System

There is no limit to the number of client records you can create with this powerful WordPress CRM plugin that will let you add your entire workforce to the CRM database for you to be able to access the client information. In addition, there is an admin area of WordPress in which you can manage your contacts, tasks, and projects directly. The WP-CRM System can even assign and categorize projects based on the likelihood of a prospect making a purchase based on the probability of a sale. 

Press Point

Many people opt for Presspoint because it offers many features that one would not be able to find easily in an unpaid option, and because of this, this high-end tool tends to be more popular than free tools. This tool can automate sending emails, managing opportunities, creating custom forms, and even conducting e-commerce transactions. You can also create a custom profile and directory.

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