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A malicious software program or file that is intended to damage a computer, network, or server. A computer virus, worm, Trojan horse, ransomware, and spyware are examples of malware. In addition to stealing, encrypting, and deleting sensitive data, these malicious programs alter or hijack core computing functions and monitor the computer activity of end users.

What is the best way to protect the network from malware?

Most businesses focus on preventing breaches through preventative measures. As a result, companies are assumed to be safe as long as the perimeter is secured. However, your network will eventually be compromised by some advanced malware. Therefore, continuously monitoring and detecting malware that evades perimeter defenses is crucial. 

What are the best ways to detect and respond to malware?

Your network will inevitably be infected by malware. Detection of breaches and visibility are essential for your defenses. Malicious actors need to be identified quickly if you want to remove malware. To accomplish this, networks must be scanned constantly. Then, the malware must be removed from the network once it has been identified. 

Types of Malware


The term “virus” refers to a subgroup of malware. Viruses are malicious programs attached to documents and files that run macros and spread between hosts. In the absence of an open file, the virus will remain dormant. In a nutshell, viruses aim to disrupt the functioning of a system. As a result, viruses can cause data loss and operational difficulties.


A worm is a malicious program that can replicate and spread rapidly to any device connected to a network. The dissemination of worms does not depend on host programs like viruses. Instead, worms infect infected machines by worms via downloaded files or network connections before they multiply and disperse exponentially. 

Trojan virus

It is common for Trojan viruses to disguise themselves as helpful software programs. The Trojan virus, however, can gain access to sensitive data, altering it, blocking it, and deleting it once the user has downloaded it. As a result, the device may not perform as well as it should. In addition, the Trojan virus does not replicate like regular viruses and worms.


Generally speaking, spyware is malicious software that operates in the background and sends information to a remote user. In addition to disrupting device operations, spyware can allow predators remote access to sensitive data. 


The purpose of adware is to collect information about your computer usage so that you can receive relevant advertisements. The presence of adware does not always pose a danger to your computer, but in some cases, the adware can cause problems. 


In ransomware, sensitive data in a system is encrypted, making it impossible for the user to access it, and then a financial payout is demanded to unlock the data. Phishing scams commonly include ransomware. 

Fileless malware

Unlike malware that operates on files on a hard drive, this malware is run from the memory of a victim’s computer. Therefore, unlike traditional malware, it cannot be detected because there are no files to scan. 

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