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WordPress Homepage

A landing page for leads or information about the services you offer might be your homepage. Everything here is dependent on the type of website you have. The things you suggest would be listed on your homepage if you were opening an eCommerce website. Before starting a website, you often go through a few themes […]

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Default Theme in WordPress

The preinstalled WordPress default theme is the one that appears on your website when you first install WordPress. The purpose of this theme is to showcase fresh WordPress features. After logging into your WordPress website, this is the first theme you see. Logos and components for custom headers, such as titles and buttons or headers […]

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What is an IP Address

The term “IP” refers to the server’s address on which the content of your managed WordPress site is stored. For a domain to successfully resolve to the appropriate WP Engine Site, your DNS must refer to this IP. There are a couple of different routes you may take to locate the IP address of a […]

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Fluid Layout in WordPress

In WordPress terminology, a fluid layout is a specific kind of layout that can be adjusted on the webpage when the browser window size changes. We can see this by multiplying a page’s height and weight by its pixel size in the bottom region. Since postings are like pages, WordPress allows for the hierarchical management […]

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What is Header in WordPress?

Introduction Every page and post on a WordPress website will have a header, an element common to the platform. Because of its prominent positioning, your website’s header is often the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your page. Additionally, it is the location for important information and Calls to Action (CTAs). You may […]

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Javascript in WordPress

There are often many different reasons why you would wish to add Javascript to WordPress, such as making a minor adjustment to an existing function or perhaps trying to add a script from a third party. You need to ensure you don’t do it incorrectly because if you do, you might end up destroying your […]

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jQuery in WordPress

The ability to personalize and improve the performance of websites hosted on the WordPress platform is made possible by the plugins, and themes available for the content management system. However, to get the most of these components, it is necessary to be familiar with the addition and use of jQuery scripts. What is jQuery in […]

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Gallery in WordPress

A gallery is typically the best choice if you need to show several photographs on your website. It is also quite simple to establish a gallery in WordPress using built-in functionality, even though there are many WordPress gallery plugins to select from that may help you add galleries to your website. Without a Plugin, Create […]

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WordPress Draft

A post or page that has not been published in WordPress is a draft. While you are working on new content, the WordPress editor immediately saves it. You can make a post in WordPress and edit it later using the draft option. This enables you to take notes on a post, collect your ideas, and […]

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