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Are Millennials Switching To LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has over half a billion registered accounts worldwide and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. But with millennials about to become the largest cohort of workers in the world are they taking advantage of the social platform that’s made for professionals? According to Pew Research, over 90% of Americans aged 18-29 use social […]

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How To Make A Website In 5 Minutes With GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder?

It’s understandable to feel a bit lost when you are trying to build your very first website! You may be thinking – how should I make it easier? Our step by step guide will explain and lead you through to your destination – your own GoDaddy website! The best part is that it’s totally easy […]

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The Importance Of Creating A LinkedIn Company Page

Every social media platform goes through phases in the beginning when they seem irrelevant. When Myspace was popular and Facebook showed up on the scene, it seemed like a joke. When Facebook was booming, people didn’t see the point in using Instagram. When Instagram Stories first started, it seemed redundant because we had Snapchat. This […]

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Interactive Content Is True King

A few years ago it was said that the future is in interactive storytelling, well they couldn’t have been more right. Still many entrepreneurs and marketers have yet to understand what it really takes to operate a successful business. Many individuals heard and applied the popular marketing concept called Content Is King to their overall […]

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Should You Buy Followers For Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook?

It’s easy to look at certain Instagram and Twitter pages and say “their content isn’t as good as mine. How do they have so many followers?” With more people becoming social media savvy every day, organic growth becomes harder with every post. Some people are going to take the path of least resistance and buy […]

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Image Guidelines For Social Platforms

It’s a no brainer that visuals and social media marketing go hand in hand. Visual representation plays a key role in efficiently conveying your brand or product on various social networking platforms and making a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers through videos, memes, images, etc. But no matter how hard you work […]

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3 Step Guide For Brand Typography

Building a beautiful web UI and UX experience can be quite the challenging milestone, but it will surely take your site to a higher level, so high, your competitors will have a tougher time catching up and reaching your level of top-notch quality web experience. When your User Interface, UI, contains customized brand typography it […]

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Ecommerce World-class Shopping & UI Design Experience

If you haven’t felt web technology speed up in the last decade, then think again. The days where you and your friends are reminded to launch your site is becoming a bit outdated. The wave many are trying to catch and surf is optimizing site speed since it’s Google’s key factors for improving seo rankings. […]

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5 Tips For Branding With A Low Budget

Ever since COVID-19 has spread around the world, a great number of small to large businesses are trying to keep their products and services afloat with low-budget branding. More often when you conduct your online research you may come across many branding topics, and you will have to figure out whether you should do it […]

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