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7 Witty Ways To Deal With Negative Feedback On Your Content

The unmatchable speed at which social media is growing breeds a lot of curiosity amongst many marketers. Social media content can indeed be an unrivaled way of directly connecting with your audience, but it also opens up a way to negative comments, objections, and criticism. One complaint or negative comment can quickly gain momentum to […]

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Preventing Brute Force Attacks Against WordPress Websites

Ever heard of thieves trying to get into a locked house by trying out a bunch of different keys? That’s pretty much what a brute force attack on WordPress websites works like. Attackers aim to target users with weak admin passwords to brute force their way in. If you’re wondering how you got to this […]

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Marta Karabowska Comes Onboard Seahawk’s UI Design Team

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – design is the key component for any app, website, or software, to not just function properly but draw users in. And, any talented UI designer works to establish just that. When they work towards creating a seamless user experience, they also create a pathway for […]

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Seahawk Social Philosophy

We are living in a world full of Pac-man’s devouring (scrolling really) information left, right, and center via a whole array of social media platforms available to us. Through this ocean of overwhelming information that is constantly served, do you know what will stand out? Let’s get you some quick insights into our Seahawk Social […]

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5 Checks To Make With Your Client For A Web Design Project

Creating a good web design takes multiple discussions with your client and going back and forth with them which takes time and effort. The last thing you want is for your client to reject a design that your team has worked relentlessly for just because you failed to understand the basics of what was required. […]

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WordPress Website Launch Checklist – Things To Remember

Let’s admit it! Launching a website can be stressful experience, even for the most seasoned project managers and digital marketers. Websites are complex and there are so many things which can be overlooked for instance a broken link or misspelled word. Also, a magnitude of technical errors can do irreparable damage upon website launch. For […]

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The Real War: Growth Hacking vs. Growth Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

The term “hacker” or “hacking” is usually frowned upon. We instantaneously think about our private information being hacked, someone jacking our social media accounts, and the hush-hush celebrity scandals. But there’s a different type of hacking that people are actually stoked about. What is it? Growth hacking. What is Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is heavily […]

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Seahawk Signs Arkadiusz Spiralski To UI Design Team

“To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse.” – Paul Rand  Do you know which major critical factor is responsible for the […]

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Growth Hacking Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Mistakes happen. It’s a part of being human. We may cringe at the thought of our prior days of having bleach-blonde frosted tips or dating that piece of work back in college, but in the end, we live and we learn. However, if we can learn from other people’s mistakes before going through them ourselves, […]

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