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21 Smart SEO Tips For 2021

SEO – the three golden letters of any content writing strategy. This is exactly why it is crucial to understand what they mean and how to use these. Without the right SEO strategies in place, your content will not reach the right audiences at the right time – and that’s the last thing you want. […]

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What Is Remarketing In PPC?

Business owners and digital marketers face a very competitive world of Internet marketing on a daily basis. The constant struggle of leading in organic and paid online marketing often creates a whirlwind for a majority of professionals. With Google controlling 67% of the search engine market, it is imperative for everyone to stay updated on […]

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How To Use Instagram Hashtags?

While hashtags originated on Twitter, they swiftly became a part of many social media platforms. The usage of hashtags on Instagram eventually rose higher than that of Twitter. At this point, the density of Instagram hashtag is greater because the value of brand promotion has always been a success on Instagram when appropriately used. Often, […]

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3 Creative Ways To Give Your Content Efforts A Boost

A word that seems overused but still remains the heart of everything you put on your website, social media, or even on traditional media channels. So, you’ve got a bunch of talented designers and writers and they all seem to be doing their job right but you’re unable to hit the nail. Let’s give you […]

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Café StayWoke

Café StayWoke is a unique idea that was conceived by the combined efforts of three culinary experts. They wanted to create a welcoming space that served good food and provided a warm ambiance to facilitate meaningful conversations. StayWoke is just that – a neighborhood café that serves fine gourmet food in a cozy and casual […]

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5 Reasons Why Schema Markup Is Important For SEO?

Schema markup has been a part of an influential evolution while talking about SEO. Gone are the days when schema markup was just considered as structured data for a website. Today Google has hinted at it to be part of its ranking algorithm, which is why it is considered as the potential key factor for […]

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How To De-optimize Your Over-optimized Content?

There’s no doubt that SEO is extremely crucial for your website’s success. It helps in attracting leads, generating more organic traffic, and improves the overall user experience. However, formulating an SEO strategy for your website is much more than meets the eye!Did you know that excessive website optimization can actually do more harm than good […]

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Seahawk Becomes Top Typeform Expert Partner

In the age of digital and global business, it is imperative for organizations of all sizes to effectively communicate not only within their organization but also with shareholders, vendors, clients, and customers. Effective business and client communication is not just an abstract concept that can be relegated to the background due to having a little […]

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Best Practices For Online Reputation Management

Maintaining a positive online brand reputation builds customer faith, increases confidence, and strengthens a brand’s position in the market. Planning a reputation management strategy instills the brand to respond rapidly and effectively during the time of a potential crisis that may arise anytime.  The process of preserving reputation involves various techniques and strategies that ensure […]

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