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7 Simple Ways To Find SEO-Friendly Blog Topics

Every content producer knows that finding seo-friendly blog topics is not such a simple task. At the beginning of a project, numerous issues arise to address in the content strategy. But, with time and the production of these texts, creative block occurs, and ideas end. What to do? How to keep an active blog and […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Writing SEO-friendly Meta Tags

In the constantly evolving search engines scenario, having a consistent SEO strategy has become mandatory to stay ahead of the competition. Thus, it is crucial to understand this strategy from its most basic pillars. One of them is meta tags. Although they seem like just a detail, they can make all the difference in your […]

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ClickUp vs. Monday.com: Why Did Seahawk Shift From Monday.com to ClickUp?

It’s ClickUp or slip up – there ain’t no in between! When it comes to choosing the best project management software, it can be pretty tricky. As you’re doing your research, there is a high chance that you will have to opt either for monday.com or ClickUp, as these two names are regarded as the […]

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What Are Instagram Guides? How To Use Them?

“60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform”. As per reports, engagement with brands on Instagram remains the highest; ten times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.  Instagram has released the Guide feature globally for all users to help businesses and content creators gain the most […]

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WordPress vs. Weebly

Are you trying to choose between WordPress and Weebly to build your site? WordPress is a popular option and works with 40% of all websites on the internet. Still, Weebly is another solution that comes into the limelight by allowing you to create your website, eCommerce stores, and blogs. If you’re looking for the differences […]

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How To Increase Pageviews And Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress?

At first, most people think it’s easy to get people to your site. While most WordPress experts believe it’s easy to get people to the site. But, it’s harder to keep visitors stay on your website. Most users visit your site and end up leaving without even seeing the other pages. When a visitor leaves […]

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What Is Clubhouse, And Why Are People Talking About It?

Have you heard about the “Clubhouse” app? Clubhouse, a new social network based on voice conversations, is booming all over the world.  This innovative concept application, developed in 2020 by two young entrepreneurs, Paul Davison & Rohan Seth from Silicon Valley, now has 1.3 million users. Want to know more about Clubhouse? Let’s dive in! […]

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6 Common WordPress Myths Debunked

WordPress powers every 1 in 4 websites you visit. The number is enormous. Right?  WordPress is one of the most famous & influential content management systems (CMS) & website builder platforms that rules the world. It is arguably the best solution for launching, managing & modifying a site while controlling IT administrative complexity in a […]

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How To Do An In-depth SEO Audit?

An SEO (search engine optimization) audit is an analysis designed to understand the reasons for poor website positioning in search engines. In addition, the SEO audit helps identify opportunities for improvement in SEO optimization. In the battle for higher rankings in search results, this is a crucial step in an SEO strategy. This blog aims […]

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