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WordPress Performance Optimization To Do Without Plugin

Does your WordPress site work, but do you find it a bit slow? Don’t panic! You’ll find in this guide all the practical ways to improve & optimize the speed of your WordPress site without using the plugin! In the hyperconnected world of the moment, Internet users are increasingly demanding the loading speed of websites. […]

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How Do I Check My WordPress Speed?

Are you looking for solutions to test your WordPress site speed? Do you also want to boost your WordPress site speed? Having a fast-loading website is crucial for improving your SEO rankings, decreasing bounce rate, and increasing overall sales. If your business website page loads in more than 3 seconds, then its a high chance […]

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How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Install?

One of the trending questions about WordPress is how many WordPress plugins you should install to make your website reach the maximum functionality. People often doubt if they are installing too many plugins on their site. Hence, the experts’ guidance is indeed necessary here. The prime source of this doubt is the misconceptions about WordPress […]

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How To Install A Free SSL Certificate In WordPress?

To prevent your website from being considered insecure, you will have to deploy an SSL certificate on it. Overall, they turn out to be very expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to obtain a free SSL certificate and thus reduce costs related to your website. Next, we’ll show you how to obtain, generate, and install […]

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How To Connect Your WordPress Site With Active Campaign?

WordPress is characterized by being one of the platforms that best adapts to the blog or website world. And, as such, many of them not only want to show their content but also connect with the public through the subscription or sending of the newsletter. To have greater control of the entry of new subscriptions, […]

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Figma vs. WebFlow

Whether you are a product designer or UI developer, both are responsible for building products that provide solutions to users by evaluating specific business/market needs. Web designing is a crucial element of a product’s success, from conception to post-launch maintenance.  Therefore, designers must choose the right spectrum of tools to design, develop, and deliver the […]

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Using Archetypes To Define Your Brand

Brand archetypes humanize brands, give them real personalities and create a strong identity. They thus endorse human characteristics such as empathy, charisma, courage, which make an emotional connection with their clients. Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to one brand over another? Do you believe that when you make purchases, they are due […]

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Critical Components Of Any Business Model That Small Businesses Should Take Care Of

Creating a business goes hand in hand with establishing an efficient and accurate business plan. This document presents your project and should make future investors want to collaborate with it. To offer a most promising business plan, here are the essential components that small businesses should take care of. ContentsWhat is the business plan?An operational […]

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How To Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority?

As we all know, Google today takes more than 200 factors into account when determining the pecking order of a SERP. You may not be able to act on all of these levers, but do not neglect optimizing one of the most important ranking factors: domain authority, which corresponds to your website’s reputation. The search […]

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