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Long-Tail SEO: What Is Long-Tail SEO, And How Can You Use It?

What exactly is the long tail in SEO? Why use this keyword strategy, and how do you put it in place? The answers. The hunt for the best positioning within Google’s SERP is a reality. Because of this situation, generic keywords have become highly competitive. The first positions in search results are now synonymous with […]

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Seahawk Virtual Town Flock | A Productive Get-Together

After every quarter of continuous operations, Seahawk holds a Quarterly Town Flock. Here, every member of Team Seahawk explores every milestone achieved in the previous quarter and plans for efficient strategies for the upcoming quarter. So, as per tradition, we had our Q3-Q4 Town Flock on 5th October 2021. Here is a summarized view of […]

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Launching Your Crypto Website: WordPress Custom Theme vs. Ready-Made

Building your own Crypto WordPress Website is quite popular these days. The Crypto market can offer great business opportunities both to the investors and the platform makers. If you have a great business idea and would like to build a Crypto Website to introduce your service to the world, you probably came across WordPress. When […]

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What Are Dynamic Landing Pages?

Are you looking for ways to amplify your lead generation? Do you see your landing pages as a bore? If yes, then you’re heading in the right place! You can drive massive traffic to your website by updating your static pages into customized dynamic landing pages. Did you know? Using specific targeting can help boost […]

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The Difference Between A Mobile Site And A Responsive Site

Currently, the world has become “mobile.” Global smartphone shipments are breaking all records, with Android becoming the most powerful mobile operating system with an 82% market share in the mobile phone market. According to Ericsson’s latest mobility report, global mobile data traffic exceeded 15 exabytes per month in 2018. As a result of this rampant […]

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Why Do SEO With a Website Redesign? (And How To Do It)

Making changes to a website is common; the brand evolves, or the site’s appearance becomes obsolete. But in doing so, you have to think beyond what it looks like. You have to take into account the positioning and what has been achieved so far. As an SEO agency, we will tell you how to plan […]

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How To Improve Google PageSpeed On WordPress?

Does your WordPress site work but find it a bit slow? Don’t panic!With today’s users more impatient than ever and increasing digital competition, it’s vital to have a fast-loading website if you want to succeed.Google has a tool called “PageSpeed Insight” that analyzes the content of a webpage and then gives suggestions to improve your […]

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Figma vs. Adobe XD

Are you looking for the best UX tool? The choice between Figma and Adobe XD to design prototypes and interfaces for web and mobile applications is confusing. Indeed, for a certain period, Sketch held the throne in terms of GUI design tools. Moreover, only two years after its launch in 2011, this software won an […]

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What Is Internal Link Building And How Does It Help Your SEO?

Often overlooked, internal linking is an essential component in a site’s search engine optimization. Internal networking allows Internet users to navigate through a website from page to page until they find the information they are looking for. When a site has not optimized its internal links to offer smoother navigation to Internet users, its content […]

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