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All About cPanel In WordPress

One of the most widely used control panels among web developers and hosting businesses is cPanel. It’s usually used with WHM (Web Host Manager) — the two components function together but serve different responsibilities. Web Host Manager gives you administrative access to your server. WHM establishes several accounts and controls various websites in addition to […]

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Content Management System (CMS)

With the content management system in place, you don’t need to worry about the basic infrastructure of your website and can focus on building your front end instead. It is not only possible to use a content management system for websites, but it is also possible to use it for other functions – such as […]

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Many websites you visit ‘remember’ something about you, as you’ve already seen. They may save information such as your login credentials, products you’ve viewed, articles you’ve liked, and more. Websites use cookies to do this. Cookies allow websites to store sensitive information in visitors’ browsers securely. They’ll be able to give a more tailored experience […]

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Comments on a blog post are written responses that readers can add to the post. If your readers would like to communicate with you and other readers on your blog, they are free to leave a comment on a post. Commentaries usually appear on your blog right after the article content, along with the commenter’s […]

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The command and system call chmod is only used to alter the access permissions and special mode flags (the setuid, setgid, and sticky flags) of file system objects in Unix and Unix-like operating systems (files and directories). These were initially referred to as modes, and the term chmod was adopted as a shorthand for change […]

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Custom Backgrounds

Your website’s whole backdrop is made up of a Custom Background. It’s also known as a personalized background. For more particular areas on the WordPress site, custom backgrounds are also possible: Behind the scenes of a WordPress website or post  On a category page in WordPress Within a page or post’s content block On the […]

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Gravatar is a free web service that allows users to maintain their avatars and provides “an uncomplicated and verifiable way to demonstrate their identity online,” according to its official website. These avatars may be used by websites and other businesses to “humanize” their platforms. Use Gravatars if you’re not using WordPress or Stack Overflow. As […]

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Atom is an XML-based standard for distributing material to feed readers and news providers. It is referred to as The Atom Syndication Format. WordPress may produce an Atom feed for material and include it in the header template so that feed readers and news aggregators can find it automatically. These feed readers scan for updates on […]

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A permalink is a web address that leads to a specific piece of information on your website. Archive pages, static pages, and any other material on your site that requires its URL are all examples of permalinks. Permalinks are one of the most important aspects of any WordPress blog, and you should put them up […]

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