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What are WordPress Threats?

WordPress threat refers to any malicious activity that disrupts digital operation, unlawfully accesses data, or destroys information of a particular website. Types of WordPress Threat  1. Brute Force Attacks In this type of threat, thousands of combinations of usernames and passwords are tried to access your website. So, you must build a strong password, so […]

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How to Convert XD Design to WordPress Website?

XD Design is getting popular these days. The method of converting Adobe XD to WordPress is something to look out for. We have the complete guide with detailed information about converting Adobe XD to WordPress. But before that, let us begin from the beginning and understand what XD Design is.  What does XD Design mean? […]

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Bad Neighborhood

In the context of SEO, a bad neighborhood is a collection of related websites that have a negative reputation and low search ranks. Search engines frequently reduce the rankings of pages that are considered bad neighbors in the search results so that they do not degrade the quality of search results by showing up higher […]

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What is Featured Snippet 

A featured snippet is a short sample from a website that appears at the top of the search results on Google in a section referred to as “Position Zero.” The search engine does this to respond to a user’s inquiry as quickly as possible. The material that appears in featured snippets is taken from websites […]

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What is SSL?

Establishing a trustworthy atmosphere within which prospective buyers may shop with complete self-assurance is one of the essential aspects of doing business online. By facilitating the creation of a dedicated link, SSL certificates contribute to developing a solid foundation of faith. Browsers give specific visual signals that we call EV indicators to persuade visitors that […]

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What is Google Lighthouse?

Google Lighthouse is an open-source tool used for doing technical web audits. This tool evaluates a URL’s functionality, dynamic web app compatibility, accessibility, practice guidelines, and SEO. Google recently raised the importance of on-page experience, introducing a new set of Core Website Vital signals, among other things. The signs show how a visitor interacts with […]

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What are XML sitemaps?

A file known as an XML sitemap ensures that search engines like Google can locate and crawl all relevant pages on a website. It is also helpful for search engines to have Google crawl all of the essential pages on your website. However, there are occasions when sites have no internal links going to them, […]

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What is Google Knowledge Graph?

The Google Knowledge Graph is an improvement to the natural Google search result since it is a universal and extended search component. The results from numerous sources are conveyed graphically in the Knowledge Graph, which is displayed in a special section of the SERPs. What is the Mechanism of Google Knowledge Graph? Using Google’s Knowledge […]

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User intent

In the early days of Google, the search engine relied mainly on plain text data and backlinks to create ranks. These were updated monthly and periodically refreshed (the Google Dance). Since those early days, Google search has evolved into a complex product that utilizes many algorithms to promote content and results tailored to users’ requirements. […]

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