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How to Add New Users to Your WordPress Website?

Adding new users to your current WordPress blog is very important. As more people are onboarded, it helps the organization to ensure the quality and quantity of the content being posted. WordPress has an in-built user management system, and this allows you to add various users with different roles and permission levels.

The most popular way to add a user is to do so manually. This step is pretty simple, and WordPress’sbuilt-in user management system makes the whole process a lot easier.

It is ideal for:

The process begins with going to the USERS section on your admin page.


When the above page shows, fill in all the necessary details:

  1. Username
  2. Email
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Website
  6. Password (Which can be automatically generated)
  7. Role


Five roles can be assigned to a particular person.


They can perform all the tasks on your WordPress site. This role comes with a certain amount of responsibility, as this person will be able to make a lot of changes. They will be able to install plugins, change themes, delete content and even delete other users. You, as the owner, need to be confident in your technical and managerial skills and see to it that they don’t misuse this opportunity.


An editor can edit, publish and delete their own and other users’WordPress posts. They cannot access website settings, plugins, themes, and other admin features. This role is best suited for a manager who manages a team of authors. Making sure the right content goes up at a specific time is vital.


Authors can edit, add, publish only their own posts. They cannot edit or publish on behalf of someone else, and they cannot access other features like plugins, themes, or any different settings related to the website.


A contributor is responsible for adding and editing their own posts, but they cannot publish them. The posts need to be approved and published by the editor. The contributor cannot upload media either. They also cannot make changes to the core setting of the website like the plugins, themes, etc.


The subscriber role does not let the person add or edit posts in any way. The subscribers can create a profile and save their details. You can use the LMS plugin to create members-only content that people can subscribe to.

Every role plays a vital role in the smooth conduct of content management. Each role has a specific responsibility, and it is important to delegate the proper role to the right people so that the quality is maintained.

Once the person fills out all the details, you should receive an email with your login details and other important account information.

You can start using it right away!

If you have any more questions or you need your website you be optimized for your workforce, reach out.


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